Bixpy Main Power Cable (J-1 Motors ONLY)

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This IS NOT an extension cord - Click here for Bixpy Extension Cables.

The Bixpy Main Power Cable allows you to run your Bixpy J-1 Motor from your Bixpy Outboard Battery without having to attach the motor to an adapter.  

The main use for this cable is to allow you to run the J-1 Motor in fresh water at LOW SPEEDS ONLY to clean the motor in fresh water after use in mucky or saltwater or a replacement for and existing cables on your Standard Attachment. 

NOTE: The connectors do not provide sufficient mating power to be used as a handle at higher speeds and will break if you apply too much force to them. Run your motor at the lowest speed for about 1 minute for cleaning the shaft and seals.

Do not purchase this product for J-2 Motors. It is not compatible with J-2 Motors. J-2 motors already have a wire exiting the motor and do not require this cable.

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