Flat Surface Bracket (J-2 Motors)

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The Flat Surface Bracket allows you to take your DIY projects to a new level. Using this piece, you can mount your Bixpy Motor to virtually any flat surface you can imagine. All you need is 4 bolts or screws!

This is a great tool for pod mounts on kayaks or a variety of other applications where you need to vertically attach the Bixpy Motor to a flat surface. 

If you have a J-2 Motor, this adapter will simply attach directly to your J-2 motor. J-1 Motors will require a Standard Attachment to adapt to the motor before attaching this adapter. 

Make sure that you are getting the right Bixpy fin for your fin box on https://noisyriveroutdoors.com/

* Motors shown in the photos above are not included in the adapter kit



  • Protection: Water-proof, dirt-proof and corrosion resistant components
  • Water use: All materials made for salt water or fresh water use
  • Mount to any flat surface using four bolts or screws
1 year warranty from date of purchase from Bixpy.com or an authorized dealer

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