ThruHull™ Pod Adapter - Bonafide Kayaks (J-1 Motors)

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No Drilling. No holes. No hassle!

The ThruHull™ Pod Adapter for Bonafide Kayaks clips into the Dry Pod opening of your Bonafide kayak in seconds.

The adapter comes with the original Bonafide Dry Pod, allowing you to store and quickly access your gear or personal items.

The Bixpy J-1 Motor mounts on the bottom with only a backing plate inside the pod so you lose no space in the Dry Pod and can continue to use it for its intended purpose as you motor in your Bonafide kayak.

This adapter also features a motor shield that protects the motor in case of a light impact. 

Please note: installation of a motor on the pod will not leave enough space for installing a transducer as intended. 


  • Quick and easy installation 
  • Works with SS107 & SS127
  • Sealed to keep the pod dry
  • Weighs less than 4lbs
  • Original Bonafide Dry Pod


  • ThruHull™ Pod Adapter for Bonafide Kayaks
  • Wire to run to your Bixpy Outboard Battery
  • Installation card 

Additional Information

  • Cable length from motor connector end to battery connector end (including blue pipe): 6 feet (1.85 m)
  • Thruster draft: 12" (30.5 cm) from bottom of kayak to bottom of motor
  • Protection: Water-proof, dirt-proof and corrosion resistant housing and components
  • Water use: Marine grade stainless steel components for salt water or fresh water use

Installation Guides 

Click here for installation guides and videos.

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