Bixpy 12v Aux Cable (PP-333/378 Batteries only)

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Your Bixpy Outboard Battery  features an auxiliary port that provide 5V or 12V outputs. With the Bixpy 12v Aux Cable, you will be able to use your Bixpy Outboard Battery to access the 12V output to run small 12V electronics. 

* Please note that many fish finders will not work well and show screen interference with the 12V signal coming out of your Bixpy Outboard Battery when your motor is running.


  • Waterproof connector with cap
  • 6' double core cable
  • Bare positive(red)/negative(black) tips
  • Shrink wrap to help in connecting your terminals


Additional Information

  • Protection: Water proof connector tip (at battery end only)
  • Safety: Connector cap for when not in use
  • Output:12V - 1.5A max

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