Choosing a Hunting Kayak

Choosing a Hunting Kayak

7th Oct 2022

Choosing a Hunting Kayak

Hunting can be done from a myriad of locations such as up in a tree, on foot, in a blind and more. However, when hunting for ducks, waterfowl, or even deer, a Portable Kayak is undeniably a great method. To start, kayaks can get you directly on top of a body of water and help you access the most remote locations that cannot be reached by truck, suv, utv, atv or by foot alone.

You can maneuver a kayak into the optimal spot to take advantage of cover, the sun angle, decoy deployment and the lane of incoming game. This allows you to take a shot from the best direction and immediately retrieve any downed ducks. Kayaks are practically silent so you can get to your spot without scaring away nearby game and they will never see you coming if you turn your kayak into a mobile blind. They can be simpler to transport and launch compared to an aluminum Jon boat. Lastly, hunting kayaks are designed with plenty of storage space to fit yourself along with your guns, gear, and game.

Owning a Portable Hunting Kayak can expand your hunting excursions. Best of all, anyone can own a kayak… if you choose the right one!

Duck Hunter on Portable Sportsmen’s Kayak

The benefits of hunting from a kayak

Kayaks offer a unique and stealthy method for hunting in remote locations and accessing hard-to-reach areas. They are practically silent, allowing you to approach your prey without detection. A kayak can also be used to maneuver into the optimal spot for hunting, providing a better angle for shots and allowing you to take advantage of cover and decoy deployment. Hunting kayaks are typically designed with ample storage space and a sturdy build to support you and your gear. They offer a unique hunting experience that allows you to immerse yourself in the natural world and appreciate the beauty of the outdoors.

The unique perspective of hunting from the water

Hunting from a kayak provides a unique perspective on the water and the surrounding environment. Being on the water allows you to observe and appreciate the natural beauty of the area in a way that is not possible from land. The water's surface and the surrounding environment, such as the sky, reflections, and movement of birds, can offer a new perspective and different angles to sight and track your prey. Furthermore, being on the water also allows you to be at the same level as the animals you are hunting, providing a more intimate experience with nature. Additionally, hunting from a kayak provides a sense of immersion and connection with the water, the wildlife, and the environment. It is not only a way to hunt but also a way to connect and appreciate the natural world.

Hunting kayaks give hunters access to their most optimal spots. Instead of being confined to land, a hunting kayak will get you right out on the water. This is great for hunting waterfowl directly from the kayak. After making a shot, hunters can quickly retrieve the bird that has been downed. While hunting for deer, kayaks can get you to those hard-to-reach, remote locations. Compared to other boats, kayaks can traverse very shallow waters and narrow channels. They are very maneuverable so a kayaker can easily pull up to the shore, hop out and head to their favorite spot.

Hunter on Portable Kayak

How to access different areas with a kayak

Accessing different areas with a kayak can be done in several ways. One way is by using a kayak's maneuverability to navigate through shallow waters and narrow channels that may not be accessible by larger boats. Kayaks can also be easily portaged, or carried, to different bodies of water, allowing you to access remote areas that are not connected by road. Additionally, many hunting kayaks come equipped with wheels or a trailer hitch, making it easier to transport them to different locations. You can also use a kayak to explore and access areas that are difficult to reach by land, such as marshes, swamps and backwaters, which can be great spots to hunt. Kayaks can also be launched from various locations such as boat ramps, beaches, or even docks, giving you a variety of options to reach the areas you desire.

Tips for maneuvering your kayak in tight spaces

  • Use your body and the paddle to control the direction of the kayak
  • Keep your body centered and low in the kayak for better control and stability
  • Be aware of the water level and any obstacles that may be in your way
  • Practice in an open space before attempting to maneuver in tight spaces
  • Utilize your paddle to aid the movement of your kayak

When choosing a hunting kayak, it is imperative to consider stability. Stability is a key element when it comes to safely hunting from a kayak because there is so much motion. You will want a kayak that will provide you with a stable shooting position. Many hunters bring their dogs with them to help retrieve their prey; a wide base is necessary to keep balanced while the dog moves around on and off the kayak. Not to mention, most hunting occurs during cooler weather so it is important to avoid a kayak that might toss you into the cold water.

Factors that contribute to a kayak’s stability

  • The width of the kayak’s base
  • The shape and design of the kayak’s hull
  • The kayak’s weight distribution
  • The kayak’s waterline width
  • The kayak’s center of gravity
  • The kayak’s weight capacity 

Tips for maintaining stability while hunting from a kayak

  • To stay stable while hunting, it's important to keep your center of gravity low by sitting in a stable upright position and distributing your weight evenly across the kayak
  • Keep a low profile by avoiding sudden or jerky movements, this will help avoid rocking the kayak and keep it stable
  • Utilize the features of the kayak such as adjustable seats, footrests, and backrests to find a comfortable and stable position while hunting

Hunting kayaks are extremely stealthy, relatively compact and make little noise allowing hunters to slip quietly into marshes,swamps and remote bodies of water to get to their favorite spot. If you are not using a retriever you can use your kayak to quietly retrieve downed birds without worrying about muddy bottoms or being chest deep in cold water. On a kayak you can silently float hunt moving about to find birds. Overall hunting with kayaks can make a big difference in the success of your hunt as remote areas tend to have a larger bird population with less competition.

The importance of stealth and silence while hunting from a kayak

Silence and stealth are important considerations when hunting from a kayak. The quiet nature of kayaks allows you to approach your prey without alerting them to your presence, increasing your chances of a successful hunt. Kayaks are also less likely to create ripples or wake on the water, making them an ideal option for hunting waterfowl. Additionally, being able to navigate in a stealthy manner also allows you to observe the natural behavior of the animals and gain a deeper understanding of their habits and patterns.

Tips for staying quiet and concealed while in your kayak

  • Approach your prey from the downwind direction
  • Use natural cover to conceal your kayak
  • Use a kayak with a low profile and stealthy design
  • Avoid sudden or loud movements
  • Use natural colors or camouflage to bleed in with your surroundings

Kayaks are great for duck hunting because you can turn them into a mobile blind. All you need is simple items such as raffia grass, burlap, zip ties, tin snips, and polypropylene fencing for camouflage. Some Kayaks may even offer ready made blind Kits. The kayak hunters that opt for mobile concealment may get the best shots of all.

How to use mobile concealment and blinds while hunting from a kayak

Using mobile concealment and blinds while hunting from a kayak can be a great way to stay concealed and avoid detection by your prey. There are a variety of options for mobile concealments, such as portable pop-up blinds, camouflage tarps, or even natural vegetation. These can be easily set up and taken down, allowing you to quickly adapt to changing conditions and take advantage of available cover. Additionally, using a kayak with a low profile and stealthy design will help you blend in with your surroundings and avoid detection by your prey. It's important to use the right concealment and blinds that are suitable for your type of hunting and the environment you will be in.

Tips for setting up and using a mobile hunting blind on your kayak

  • Choose a portable and easy-to-set-up hunting blind that is suitable for the type of hunting and environment
  • Set up the hunting blind on the kayak in a way that provides good visibility and shooting angels
  • Use natural camouflage or colors to blend in with the surrounding environment
  • Secure the blind to the kayak to prevent it from moving or making noise
  • Practice setting up and using the blind before going out on the hunt to ensure a smooth process

If you are using a small Jon boat or large format traditional kayak, due to their size, they generally take similar effort to transport and launch, usually requiring a truck or trailer to transport them. If you are looking to make the process easier you may want to consider portable kayaks. They are generally considered easy to transport and launch. Portable kayaks make for a very simple transport to the water with the ability to use ATVs, UTVs, SUVs, and Trucks etc. They allow you the ability to launch at a wider range of sites. Portable kayaks also require a much smaller storage space than a traditional kayak for both home and vehicle.

How to transport your kayak to and from the hunting location

Transporting your kayak to and from the hunting location can be done in several ways. One way is by using a kayak trailer or a roof rack on your vehicle. You can also use a wheeled cart to transport the kayak to and from the launch point. Another way is by using a kayak sling or backpack that allows you to comfortably carry the kayak on your back. Whatever the method, it's important to ensure that the kayak is securely fastened and protected during transport to avoid damage.

Tips for launching and retrieving your kayak in various conditions

  • Always check the weather and water conditions before launching and retrieving your kayak
  • Look for a suitable launch point that has easy access and enough space for you to launch and retrieve your kayak safely
  • If your kayak has built-in wheels use those or a cart to move your kayak to and from the water
  • Use a paddle or kayak anchor to control your kayak in windy or choppy conditions
  • Use a personal flotation device while launching and retrieving your kayak, especially in rough waters 

One of the most important factors when choosing a hunting kayak would be the on board storage space. When hunting from land, you have the opportunity to bring a great deal of belongings with you. When hunting from a kayak, you have to be more selective about what you can bring and also the game that you return with. Plus, you will need to ensure that your selected items stay secure. It’s important to choose a hunting kayak with plenty of accessible storage spaces for your food, water, safety kit, firearms/bows, ammunition, decoys, blinds etc.

The importance of storage space while hunting from a kayak

Storage space is important when hunting from a kayak, as it allows you to bring along all the necessary gear and equipment for a successful hunt. Adequate storage space is crucial to keep your hunting gear and equipment dry, secure and easily accessible. Having a kayak that is designed with ample storage space and compartments to store hunting gear, weapons, and game, will make your hunting experience much more enjoyable and efficient.

Tips on maximizing storage space on your kayak

  • Utilize all available storage compartments and hatches on your kayak
  • Use waterproof bags or containers to store sensitive equipment
  • Use bungee cords or straps to secure gear and equipment in place
  • Use T-track or accessory rails to mount fishing rod holders, GPS units, or other accessories
  • Plan your gear and equipment in advance, prioritize and bring only the essentials.

hunter in camo on portable kayak

You should choose a kayak with a weight capacity that can withstand your weight, the weight of all your gear, and the weight of any potential game you want to bring back with you. Hunting clothes, guns, and ammunition can add a significant amount of weight to your hunting kayak. If you’re hunting for larger game, there are options such as floats, life jackets, or another kayak to help offset the weight on the kayak.

How to determine the weight capacity of your kayak

To determine the weight capacity of your kayak, you should check the specifications provided by the manufacturer. The weight capacity is often listed in pounds and indicates the maximum weight that can safely be carried by the kayak, including the weight of the kayaker, gear, and equipment. It is important to note that the weight capacity can vary depending on the design and size of the kayak and the type of water you will be on. So always make sure to check the weight capacity of your kayak and plan accordingly before going on a hunt.

Tips on packing and organizing gear to stay

  • Prioritize and bring only essential gear and equipment
  • Use lightweight and compact gear and equipment
  • Use water-resistant or waterproof bags to protect gear from moisture
  • Use compression bags to reduce the volume of clothes and sleeping bags
  • Use a scale to weigh your gear and equipment before loading it on the kayak

Typically, when investing in such a product, you have to spend hours upon hours researching your options. Then, you have to pick and choose which hunting kayak features are the most important to you because it is challenging to accommodate hunters' highly individualistic needs and environments. For the first time ever, you can have it all in one portable kayak with the new patented portable Flip-Kat™, by Noisy River Outdoors. The Flip-Kat™ will enhance your hunting excursions like none other and still provide you access to other great activities on your off days.

Factors to consider when buying a portable hunting kayak

When choosing a portable hunting kayak, there are several factors to consider, such as stability, weight, size, and storage capacity. It is also important to consider how you plan to use the kayak, such as whether you will be hunting in freshwater or saltwater and what type of game you will be hunting. Additionally, you should also consider the weather and water conditions you will be using the kayak in, and choose a kayak that is designed for those conditions.

Tips for finding the best value for your money

  • Research different types and brands of kayaks
  • Compare features and specifications of different models
  • Read reviews and customer feedback on kayaks
  • Check for any warranties or guarantees offered by the manufacturer
  • Compare prices and look for sales or discounts
  • Consider the long-term cost of ownership, such as the cost of maintenance, repair, and replacement parts.

To start, the stability of the Flip-Kat™ is world class thanks to its unique catamaran hull design that extends to be over eleven feet long. The multi-position chair/leaning post is perfect for long hunting excursions because, not only is it comfortable, but it's extremely versatile with 54 adjustable positions. The positions range from 90 degrees to a 45 degree layout and 1 to 13 inches off the deck. This lets you find the perfect spot that fits you and your application. Where the seat is positioned allows you to sit above the hulls for a dryer ride. When you are in the leaning post position you can stand and maneuver with ease using a paddle or the bixpy jet drive. The four foot wide deck keeps the kayak balanced while you or your dog is moving around and with its 5 cubic feet of covered storage it leaves plenty of room for your gear to keep the deck clear. With the size of the deck the Flip-Kat™ is the perfect base for a portable blind! Due to its unmatched stability for a portable hunting kayak, the Flip-Kat™ makes for an extremely stable hunting platform that can be used for sit down and stand up shooting just like a land based duck blind.

Considering how large a platform the Flip-Kat becomes, it is highly maneuverable. With the chair/leaning post, you are not “stuck” inside like other sit-inside hunting kayaks. With the built in whisper quiet pedal drive, you can quietly pedal into your favorite spot and get set up for your hunt. The pedal drives has the unique ability to pedal over logs, rocks, and shallow water by using its automatic Kickup prop shaft and guard. You can transition from pedaling forward to backwards with no extra effort, enabling you to seamlessly maneuver.

The Flip-Kat® is roto-molded like many traditional kayaks so that it doesn't sacrifice rigidity for portability. It has a weight capacity of 350 pounds! Plus, the chair has a built-in cup holder and tool caddy!

Hunter Taking Shot on Portable Kayak

Anybody can own a hunting kayak thanks to the Flip-Kat®. Perhaps the icing on the cake of this perfect hunting kayak is its portability and storability. This large kayak folds up into a compact box that fits inside a standard closet. Although it weighs around 145 pounds, you shouldn't have to lift more than half of its weight at once. The Flip-Kat® has an integrated handle and wheel system to allow for easy transportation. Don’t worry about getting the kayak down the stairs at your apartment building, it fits in the elevators. The back of many suvs and our hitch rack system can both fit up to two Flip-Kats. When lifting the kayak to the hitch rack system, the Flip-Kat® is designed to act as a cantilever so you never have to break a sweat.

Most hunting kayaks tend to run on the expensive side, so it’s important to get something that checks all your boxes and is durable. As previously mentioned, Noisy River Outdoors did not want to settle for less so they created the best portable hunting kayak on the market. You can have all of your favorite features in one kayak without the buyer's remorse. The Flip-Kat® is proudly made in the USA with the finest materials to ensure a very long lasting life.

Lastly, the Flip-Kat® can also be used for many different purposes. It works as a typical portable kayak where you sit and paddle or you can sit and pedal. The Flip-Kat also allows you to stand and paddle. The Flip-Kat is the first portable Kayak with a built-in pedal drive. If you feel like jetting around the bixpy jet electric motor can fit in conjunction with the pedal drive. That way you can use just the Bixpy, just the pedal drive, or both together! If you’re an avid fisherman, there’s no better place to catch than from a Flip-Kat. During the hot summer days, if the built-in canopy isn’t enough for you, you can jump into the water and easily climb back aboard using the pull-down step system. It’s safe to say that the Flip-Kat really does have it all, making it the best  portable hunting kayak on the market today!